Tuesday, July 04, 2006

So proud of myself!

My LSS (that's "Local Scrapbook Store" for those who don't know scrapspeak) had a challenge every day for the month of June. If you completed 10 layouts you could get a coupon and if you completed all 30 by July 7 your name goes in a drawing for the grand prize.

Today I finished my 30th layout. I am so proud of myself. For one thing, I was gone for an entire week in the middle of the month. And then I had to really stretch myself with these layouts.

Whether I win the grand prize or not, I will feel I have won b/c I have all these lo's to put in my albums.


Joyous said...

Wonderful!! Do we get to see some of these?

msjonnalee said...

You're a winner in my book, I hope you win Claudia's contest!!!

JenX67 said...

Great to see your name on my blog! I hope you'll start blogging again!