Saturday, June 03, 2006

YES! We made the paper!

Woohoo! This image was printed in today's paper, with a caption explaining the mural that DH has been working on for months. The mural is at the girls' elementary school. It features a teacher and 6 students, along with 27 famous Oklahomans. (That's gymnast Shannon Miller with the Olympic medal.) Of course DH couldn't resist including our own girls in the mural, and here Sarah is pointing to her portrait.

I e-mailed the pictures to the paper on a whim. I love that our paper publishes pictures taken by proud wives & moms!


cassi said...

Love it!! You'll have to show off the paper next time we come visit! Great thinking sending the picture to the newspaper!


Joyous said...

very cool! I always loved being in the newspaper, once there was a picture of my two sisters and I at the park on the front page! So much fun!