Thursday, January 19, 2006

Gotta post!

My Christian Scrapping Friends may come check me out! I feel almost the same as when I have 30 minutes to prepare my home for company. What can I post that's both meaningful and interesting to read? I'm not that great of a writer. Think of something, quick!

OK, Sarah made the Superintendent's Honor Roll this quarter! That's straight A's! I'm so proud of her! Woohoo!

Mattie was so cute tonight--she had to play in her Pooh costume. Don't ask me why. Don't ask me to post a photo b/c I haven't figured out how.

DH is home (he was gone for a week) and the limerence is high at my house tonight.

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Judi said...

Hi Joy! It's Judi....CSF *grin*
You are so much better at keeping up with your blog than I am. At least yours has something recent. I think my last post was around Thanksgiving....LOL And I had great intentions to use it to keep our LARGE family and friends updated. Maybe this will motivate me to "gotta post!"
hugs, Judi