Monday, December 19, 2005

Gingerbread Cookies

So Mattie & I sat down tonight and made the gingerbread cookies. She recited a rhyme she said she'd heard on tv: "Children's years go flying by like cookies off a plate, so make a batch with them tonight and maybe time will wait." Or something like that. I hope she's right! We did have SUCH a good time tonight.

Cutting out the cookies went fine, but decorating was another story. I'm used to sugar cookies, just frost and sprinkle. For these we had gotten some of the frosting in the can, and a tube that was supposed to be easy. Neither one of those worked very well at all. The frosting in the can either wouldn't come out, or it came out way too fast. The frosting in the tube would not come out through the decorator tip. So finally we just put the white frosting in a plastic bag and cut the corner off to make a little hole. That method works ok until the hole gets too big.

We were using mini M&M's for eyes, and they looked like the googly eyes on a bobble head dog the girls have. When I used frosting for eyes, the poor gingerbread men either looked angry or worried. That gave us the giggles. There is nothing better than sharing a little silliness with a 6 year old.

We ate some of the cookies, but in my opinion they were dry and too chewy. Maybe I cooked them a little too long.

I think gingerbread cookies were meant to be painted and hung on the tree. Next year I'll do just that.

But for tonight, my kitchen smells yummy, and my little girl is happy. Mission accomplished.

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