Wednesday, September 07, 2005


While the hurricane was pounding the Gulf Region, we had our own little set of troubles. A car that wouldn't run (we got it home just before it died for good) and a truck that ran, but not great, not trustworthy at all.

So we fumed, and we prayed. And we prayed some more. And we calculated. And we took the car to the shop. And DH looked at newer trucks. And we budgeted. And we prayed some more. And we fretted that the mechanic was taking so long to find the problem with the car. And DH car shopped.

And last Tuesday, we sold our car to the mechanic, drove our broken down truck to the car lot ( and we left the car lot in a 2005 Ford Focus. We didn't pick up the Ford F-150 until Thursday.

On Saturday, while thousands of people were still waiting to be evacuated from New Orleans, and thousands of others were just getting back into their neighborhoods to survey the damage, we drove 400 miles to spend our weekend near DH's grandmother, who is turning 90 years old.

On Sunday, we attended the birthday party, and witnessed said grandmother riding on the back of a motorcycle, having just proclaimed, "You never know what I might be capable of."

May we all learn yet another lesson from this wise grandmother. Grandma E., we all love you! Happy birthday!!!


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