Thursday, September 08, 2005

Annie, Jr.

Tonight the girls & I went to see Annie Jr. at Stage Door ( in Yukon. It was fabulous. The 11 yo girl who played Annie was just terrific. I have to put in a plug for Joel & Luke S as well. They come from a family of great entertainers. It is clear that they love what they are doing and they sure are fun to watch.

The girls came out doing their "invitations" (Mattie's word for "imitations") of the orphan girl who says, "Oh my goodness". I was trying to get Sarah to act like Rooster's girlfriend (Rooster is the bad guy), but she said, "Why would I want to do that?" Why indeed.

It was a fun evening and now I'm even more behind on the things I was supposed to get done this week. Oh well. There's always Tomorrow. I love ya, Tomorrow.

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msjonnalee said...

I so love the theatre... glad you took them, I stayed home and watched The Phantom of the Opera, again!