Sunday, August 14, 2005

This really feels funny

I'm still not sure what to say here. It feels weird.

Today I'm excited b/c I finally tidied up my scrapbook area and now I can WORK. I'm off from my paying job this week so looking forward to doing what I call "mom things". You know, like volunteering at school and baking chocolate chip cookies and yes, hopefully, scrapbooking. All while hanging out with my two favorite girls.

Tomorrow night is "Back to School" night and the girls get to meet their teachers. Sarah is going into 4th grade and Mattie is going to Kindergarten. We have our "favorite teachers" that we hope they get, but honestly, I have not met a teacher I don't like at this school. I feel really blessed that we have such an incredible public school.

It is late so I am going to bed. Maybe I will get bold and post pictures this week.


Eliz said...

Have a fun week.

And welcome to the world of blogging. ;)

msjonnalee said...

enjoy your week...