Thursday, August 18, 2005

First Day of School

The day finally arrived. Mattie's first day of kindergarten and Sarah's first day of 4th grade. I made breakfast sandwiches inspired by my friend Karin G. (Karin, if you are reading this, I even used hamburger buns!) Mattie opened hers up and ate the insides first, and then decided the bread wasn't too bad.

Mattie declared that she was "a little nervous". DH was in charge of pictures. Considering I took a whole roll of film 4 years ago, Mattie's first day did not get the same coverage, even with the digital. Oh, well, we got the important ones --front porch, in front of school with the sign, and with the teacher after school. Even a couple in class.

Mattie learned about tornado/fire/lock down drills. Her teacher read two books. They played with play dough and they had recess. She made a new friend, Brooke. That's about all I got out of her.

Sarah did not want her picture taken at school. Funny, I was recently looking at the of her the day she started preschool, in1999. She was not too happy that day either. Sarah has a new best friend, "Mr. Agenda". I'm to review and sign it every night. Is this for the kids or the parents? Seriously, I'm glad they'll be working on organization. Better to learn in 4th grade than 6th or 8th or never, I think. Sarah's teacher does not like the sound of pencils sharpening. She doesn't go to lunch until 12:05 (it was 11:40 last year), but she says she didn't starve. One of her friends has the same lunchbox. She'll have Spanish this year, and "health". I have fond memories of "health" class, myself. I shared them with her. She doesn't want to go. I told her we'd wait and see. For all I know, "health" class this year will be all about nutrition. We are a "School for Healthy Lifestyles" after all.

Before dinner Sarah burst into tears for no good reason, at least none she cared to share with her father or me. Sigh. She's not even 10 years old yet and we're already dealing with the hormones. Or maybe it was just stress. I should be more kind to her. Sigh.

By the time dinner was over, Sarah was a 9yo girl again. Thank goodness!

Tomorrow is another day...


Kat said...

ROFL, finally got around to reading your blog, and there's my name! Glad the girls liked them. I learned bout them at Cub Scouts.

And I hear you on the hormones ... sigh. Usually I have a happy 9 yo. But not always. And I'm sure you'll learn to love the agenda, I sure did! Even if one Mitchell G. lost his bout 2 weeks before school was over ... sigh.

Eliz said...

Mr. Agenda. Oh, you should see Kari's agenda. I don't have to sign it anymore, but I do still check it. She has to be the laziest person about utilizing it.