Sunday, February 05, 2006

Peter and the Wolf

Our local orchestra was doing a performance of "Peter and the Wolf" today. It was sort of short notice, as I only found out yesterday, but we attended today.

It was great. There was an hour prior to the concert with activities such as storytelling, making puppets, hearing the conductor speak about the various instruments, and Mattie's favorite, trying out the instruments. Along with the music, there were folks from Ballet Oklahoma who acted out the story.

I guess I've always thought of concerts as stuffy, and not much fun (unless I was performing--love that!) but this was just the opposite. I have long loved the story of "Peter and the Wolf" and it was wonderful to share it with Mattie today.

We couldn't take pictures during the concert, of course, but here is Mattie next to the Civic Center Music Hall Buffalo out front, and another of her trying out the French Horn. (Couldn't get a front shot.)

What a great day!

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msjonnalee said...

I love peter and the wolf too... do you still have the record? I know we had it at one time and I thought you ended up with mom and dad's records... do you have gene autry's christmas album? glad you enjoyed some culture...